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Visa restrictions related to COVID-19 in Nepal

Due to the announcement of the World Health Organization of the World Pandemic spread of COVID infection-2019, March13, the government of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal announced the renovated hard restrictive measures to the country for period from 14.03.2020 till 30.04.2020.

In particular:

1. For all foreign citizens, visas are cancelled on arrival.

2. All foreign citizens with actionable Nepalese visa must provide to the Immigration Office of Kathmandu International Airport relevant medical certificate (SWAB TEST) issued maximum 7 days before arrival.

3. Citizens of any state, including of Nepalese origin, who plan o visit Nepal for particularly respectable reasons, must address the representations of Nepal abroad. When appealing to obtaining a visa, again, the mentioned medical certificate must be provided.

4. All foreign citizens who go to the territory of Nepal starting at 14.03.2020 must pass home quarantine 14 days. This requirement also extends to diplomatic and official passports visiting Nepal for the first time on return to Nepal and persons arriving using a business, working or student visa.

5. All ground border points of Nepal skip will remain closed, and therefore foreign citizens can get into the territory of this country exclusively through Kathmandu International Airport.

6. All pre-issued permits to conduct climber expeditions in Nepal for the spring season of 2020 are suspended.