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Beware of fraudness! The Embassy does not cooperate with any organization nor individuals who suggest facilitation in obtaining Belarus' visa.  Belarus is non-Schengen member. Belarus’ visa does not allow to travel to European Union Member States.


Foreign nationals traveling to the Republic of Belarus in transit through the territory of the Russian Federation (including any air flight through the Russian Federation), should apply for the Russian transit visa!


Indian and foreign nationals can opt the following options to visit Belarus:

VISA-FREE Comming to Belarus throug National Airport “Minsk” WITHOUT VISA (not for the flights arriving to Belarus from Russia, not available for road crossing points) — this is not e-visa


Visa-Free travel to the Western parts of Belarus (if travelling from Poland, Lithuania or Latvia)


Visas at the Embassy in New Delhi                   Student's option only


Visa on arrival (not for the flights arriving to Belarus from Russia) -
this is not e-visa

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